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Our Clients

How can we manage resources?

Gerdes IT has a long experience from creating and managing projects within many different industries. We are experts at technolgy so that you can focus on other things. We developed clear routines for outsourced development which helps us maintain high quality at a fair price.

Our top pitch is actually not that we are cheaper than other IT companies but that we have higher flexibility, can scale faster and have access to a wider range of skills than most other production companies.

Feel free to discuss your projects with us.

Portal where you can log in to see your work in progress

You can decide on a monthly budget

We work by the hour. We do not have a lower limit for what we can do to help.

Extra support

Get some designs or extra help with creating a project logo.

Specific technology

We can manage a full technology stack to support your ongoing development.

Full team

For some clients we manage everything from concept creating to reporting in KPIs on a daily or monthly basis.


Let us work on your ideas. We love innovation. Got a problem... let us pitch an idea.

As a global sourcing company finding a efficient team is what we do. Lowering costs and delivering high quality products is part of our DNA.

Let us know how we can help.

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